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Are your C9 LEDs as bright as incandescent?

We offer two kinds of C9 LED Christmas lights: 1) the prelamped C9 strings with non-removable bulbs; and 2) C9 LED retrofit replacement bulbs. The prelamped C9 strings use only 1 LED per bulb and are not as bright at a C9 incandescent. Our LED retrofit replacement bulbs have 5 LEDs per bulb and are as bright, if not brighter than a C9 incandescent. The 5 LED bulbs consumer .96 watts per bulb and the single LED strings use .072 watts per bulb. While the 5 LED bulbs use more power they are still 99% more efficient than the 7 watt incandescent C9 bulbs.

The C9 bulb style is not designed for LED. Generally speaking, bulb size has nothing to do with brightmess in LED holiday lighting. In fact, some of our smallest bulbs are actually our brightest. A C9 incandescent bulb is large because it needed to house a larger filament to produce more light. The LED C9 has a large bulb just to look like an incandescent C9--the bulb has no other purpose. In fact, it is a very inefficient design for LED and that is why we have to use 5 LEDs in the replacement bulbs to make them as bright as incandescent C9s.

If you are looking for an LED C9 that is equal in brightness to your old incandescent C9s you should purchase the retrofit bulbs. The retrofit bulbs can be used with your existing C9 socket wire.