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Looking for news or information about LED Christmas lights, decorative lighting, or decorating with Christmas lights? We have a wealth of information about these subjects and we are constantly adding new content. Use the search function on our site to find older articles or sign up for our RSS feed.

One of the major advantages of LED holiday lights, in addition to their added safety and longer life span, is the amount of energy they save. We’ve previously posted some detailed calculations to help you estimate how much money you’ll save on electric bills based on how many and what kind of LED bulbs you use.

If you ever found a metal slinky, Malibu Barbie, big wheel, Connect 4, Chatty Cathy or game of Operation under your Christmas tree or as a holiday gift, chances are that these commercials will take you right back there.

There are plenty of moments in horror movies when silence is the scariest sound of all. But when you’re decorating your yard for Halloween, LED light displays can be enhanced by adding music. Some folks go all out, as you can see from this incredible display in Riverside, CA:

We started selling LED Christmas lights shortly after the product was introduced to the consumer market. There have been many improvements since then in LED holiday lighting technology. The first generation of LED Christmas lights were bright and energy efficient but most were not rectified so the light produced flicker and created a strobing effect that was not attractive. In addition, the early sets of white LED Christmas lights could not produce a light that was comparable in color to traditional incandescent clear.

When decorating for Halloween, there are a wealth of options to make your yard the scariest on the block - from purple and orange lights that can cast a glow over the creepiest graveyard to pumpkin lights with a sparkling interior that flashes from green to orange.

At the end of June, 2011, HolidayLEDs.com will be moving to a new warehouse facility. In preparation for this move we have gone through our inventory and are offering 50% off on hundreds of select items on which we are overstocked. This sale begins now and will continue through the end of June or while supplies last.

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It's not too late to get your LED Christmas lights in time for the holidays. Now through Christmas, all orders placed with HolidayLEDs.com which are received by 5 p.m EST will ship the same day!

I have not written much about decorating with LED Christmas lights because I am far from an expert and honestly have very little experience. Everyone thinks because I am in the Christmas lighting business I must have a large beautiful Christmas light display but I am usually so busy leading up to Christmas that I don't have time to do anything elaborate.

Milan’s International Festival of Lights, or Festival Internazionale Della Luce in Italian, is a month-long festival in Milan designed to transform the city into an open-air stage of contemporary art. The rules of the festival are simple; artists must use energy efficient LED lights in order to illuminate city squares, avenues, historical parks, monuments, and buildings for the 2010 Christmas season. Contestants have been submitting art proposals all year and finalists will have the opportunity to install their work for all to see right in the heart of Milan.