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Looking for news or information about LED Christmas lights, decorative lighting, or decorating with Christmas lights? We have a wealth of information about these subjects and we are constantly adding new content. Use the search function on our site to find older articles or sign up for our RSS feed.

Dealing with the loss of a child is by all accounts is the most difficult tragedy a parent can ever face. I watched the terrible pain that my father and step-father endured when my little brother lost his life to sudden brain aneurysm. He died on his fifth birthday. People handle dealing with the loss of a loved-one in different ways. Some people keep a personal affect of their loved one; others build permanent memorials; and some develop foundations or engage in other charitable work in memory of their loved one.

I used to think that there were certain tasks, that were so simple they really could not be screwed up, and stringing lights on a Christmas tree seemed like one of those tasks. I mean, how hard can it be? Well, I suppose it really isn't that difficult to throw some lights on the tree and plug them in. However, after my first attempt at stringing lights on my families' first Christmas tree, I quickly learned that there is a big difference between what I had accomplished, and properly strung lights on a Christmas tree. My installation looked horrible.

Decorating with lights for Christmas and the holidays has expanded far beyond the family Christmas tree in the living room. The displays range from the truly sloppy and tacky to absolute beautiful works of art. It is really a lot of fun to pack the family in the car and drive around your community to look at the holiday displays...the good, the bad and the ugly. Some holiday displays are worth traveling some distance to find.

The Number 1 Tour in the Country - Dyker Heights

Like most Holidays the celebration of Halloween typically creates a lot of excess waste and trash. As a result it is during these holiday periods that we can make the greatest impact by be aware of our wasteful habits and making an effort to conserve. With the help of our good friends at GreenHalloween.org we've come up with a list of some tips for being less wasteful this Halloween.

There are many benefits to using LED for your decorative lighting and it seems that we've written about most of them. However, every so often we learn of a new benefit of using LED lights. I recently read an article in the New York Times about LED lighting. The article seemed to include a lot of information about LEDs that had been discussed in several other articles before. However, the NYT article mentioned that LED lighting does not attract insects which was news to me.

Weddings are a very busy and special time. Months, sometimes years go into to planning the perfect wedding. These days, Christmas lights are a standard feature at most weddings. Whether the lights are on used on trees and shrubs outside, or to dress up the dinning tables, Christmas lights are used and displayed prominently.

Important Considerations

It's is amazing how many uses people find for products that are not even remotely related to the product's intended purpose. We frequently receive phone calls and emails from customers who ask us questions about our products and occasionally inform us of new and interesting uses for LED Christmas lights. I recently learned about how some musicians use LED Christmas lights to test their musical instruments.

Hanging Christmas lights on your home can be a daunting, tricky, and dangerous task. To begin with you probably have to use a ladder; not to mention all the untangling of light strings and checking to see if everything works properly.

Gather Your Tools

We know first hand that storing Christmas lights, especially, icicle Christmas lights can be a pain. We have several large containers of Christmas lights of all varieties that we keep to show customers and for other projects. Every time I went to find a sample it was a huge pain to extract the light set I wanted because all of the lights would be tangle together, especially the icicle lights. Our shipping manager recently came up with a solution for winding and storing icicle lights that seems to work pretty good.

Here's a short video we did about the different colors of white LED Christmas lights we offer: