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Choosing the Right Wedding Lights

Weddings are a very busy and special time. Months, sometimes years go into to planning the perfect wedding. These days, Christmas lights are a standard feature at most weddings. Whether the lights are on used on trees and shrubs outside, or to dress up the dinning tables, Christmas lights are used and displayed prominently.

Important Considerations

When it comes to choosing the right color or type of wedding lights we need to consider a couple factors. What kind of atmosphere do you want the lights to provide (subtle, romantic, celebratory, wild, themed, etc.)? Where are the lights going to be used (indoors, outdoors, tables, entrance, etc.)?

When determining what kind of atmosphere you want to aim for, think about the time of year, the time of day, the location of the ceremony (outside or inside), where the guests are going to eat and what you want the atmosphere to say about your nuptials.

Outdoor Applications

If lights are to be used outside, your best bet is to use string lights either with a green or brown wire. If the lights are going to be attached to a tent or similar, white or light back ground light strings are also available with a white wire and a white casing. Another fun light to use on tents, canopies or around the edge of a bar is the Icicle light. The icicle lights hangs down below the supporting wire and gives or more random look to the lights. These are also available with a white wire.

Indoor Applications

If the lights are to be used inside there are a couple of options. The string lights and icicle lights mentioned above will look nice on any entrance way or serving table. If you are going to put lights on the table as centerpieces or arranged with flowers, battery operated mini lights and battery operated wide angle lights (LED only) are available. These work great if you want to highlight a table or flower arrangement in a special location .


When using lights to create an atmosphere, you need to consider what color, what shape, and how many lights are required to create the desired atmosphere. Wedding lights come in a variety colors and shades. For the most part white is the color of choice for weddings. However, people do incorporate holiday themes and other wild ideas as well that require other colors. In general, you can find white lights in three three different colors: pure white, warm white, and warm white frosted. Warm white and warm white frosted are the most popular colors for wedding lights.

Shape of Bulb

When choosing a shape keep in mind that larger bulb styles will produce a light that is more subtle. Smaller bulbs will produce a more intense and playful light. Most people choose what are known as “mini” lights. These lights are the traditional shape that most people think of when Christmas lights come to mind. However, with the popular and growing demand for LED lighting, wide angle lights are a great alternative to the traditional mini light. The wide angle lens is low profile and emits a clearer more precise light.

Have fun with the lights, after all weddings are the beginning of a new and brighter life!