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Advantages of LED Rope Light

What is Rope Light

Rope light is a string of lamps connected in series which emit various colors of light and which is covered in a round, clear, flexible plastic coating. Rope light is usually sold in bulk lengths that can be custom cut. Rope light has traditionally used small incandescent lights but now energy-efficient and long-lasting LEDs are being used.

Developing and installing attractive decorative lighting for your wedding day or other special occasion can be challenging. Traditional lighting solutions are limited by battery life, weather, and extension cords lengths. This often makes it difficult or impossible to use obtain the type of lighting effects you want for your event without unsightly extension cords or lots of maintenance.

January 5, 2008

The feasibility and diversity of uses for lighting has changed dramatically with the explosion of new energy efficient lighting technology. LED lighting can be as much as 99% more efficient than standard incandescent lighing. The highly efficient light is also more suitable for multiple applications because it operates at only 1 degree above ambient temperature.

December 26, 2007

LED rope lighting can be used just about anywhere you need some accent or decorative lighting. Inside the home you can consider using rope lighting along mantles, shelves, doorways, bars, bookcases, cabinets, inside closets, around windows, around molding, on stairways, or around the ceiling.

Standard incandescent holiday lights are inefficient, costly, and bad for the environment. Making the switch to LED Christmas lights will not only save dollars off your holiday utility bill but it will also do more than you think for the environment. We developed the Energy Scroogeâ„¢ Calculator to help illustrate the impact your choice to switch to LED Christmas lights will have on our environment.

This year LED Christmas lights will be given more shelf-space in the big box stores. Incandescents will still be the standard but shoppers will have more options than in years past. As with most things there are substantial differences in quality between the various brands and types of LED Christmas lights on the market this year.

October 6, 2007

In the 1980's a 35 light set of Christmas tree lights would cost $10.00. That would be more than $20 in todays dollars. Christmas lights were expensive back then and most people would spend a few years building up a stock of lights only to have to replace them the following year. As time went on Christmas lights became less expensive until now when one can buy a cheap 100 light set for under $3 at Wal-Mart. In fact, the lights have become some cheap that most people now consider them disposable. Why waste 1 or 2 hours of time untangling the lights from the tree...

LED Xmas Lights are offered in a variety of colors of white. HolidayLEDs.com offers LED Christmas lights in Pure White, Warm White, and Antique White. All of these LED string lights produce a light that is white in color but each string produces a light which has a slightly different color temperature.

Not many people study Christmas lights. Most people pull the lights out of the closet or attic some time around Thanksgiving, hang them on the Christmas tree, or drape them over some pushes and then take them down after New Years. If you are thinking about replacing those old incandescent lights this year with energy-efficient LED string lights you may be surprised at all the options available. There are differences between the options and it is good to know a little about the choices available before you go shopping.

Each year American families spend hundreds of millions of dollars decorating for the Christmas and other winter time holidays. A major cornerstone of most holiday decorating projects is the Christmas string light. Using light to decorate for seasonal holidays such as Christmas and Hanukkah has been a tradition since before the invention of electricity. Before electricity was available holiday decorators used candles for light. Shortly after electricity was invented incandescent string lights were developed for decorating Christmas trees and other holiday decorating.