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Diversify Your Decorating Options with LED Wedding Lights

Developing and installing attractive decorative lighting for your wedding day or other special occasion can be challenging. Traditional lighting solutions are limited by battery life, weather, and extension cords lengths. This often makes it difficult or impossible to use obtain the type of lighting effects you want for your event without unsightly extension cords or lots of maintenance.

New lighting technologies such as LED lighting provide a wider variety of lighting options. The highly efficient LED is about 95% more efficient than standard incandescent lights. As a result an LED can easily be operated at high performance and for long periods of time by a small standard triple or double A battery. LED candles, string lights, flower bouquets and other decorative products are great alternative solutions to traditional decorative wedding lights or party lights.

Even for applications where battery operation is not necessary LED lighting is preferable to standard incandescent lighting because of their energy efficiency and longevity. A high quality LED lamp will last more than 50,000 hours. LED lights are also very durable and not subject to damage from shock like an incandescent lamp.

Because LED lights operate at only 1 degree above ambient temperature, lighting and produce designers have been able to do things that were not possible with high-temperature incandescent lights. For example, LED lights can be installed inside a decorative ribbon which was not possible with incandescent lights because of the heat output.

In addition to all of these benefits, LED wedding lights are the right choice for the environmentally conscience consumer.