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Don't Be Confused by LED Christmas Lights and Holiday LED Lights Pricing

In the past few years LED Christmas and holiday lighting has become widely available to consumers. Because Christmas or holiday lights are not an item that consumers think about often and because LED Christmas and holiday lighting is relatively new to the consumer market consumers often do not know what to look for or what is a reasonable price for LED Christmas or holiday lights.

The most important thing to pay attention to is the number of bulbs per string. LED Christmas and holiday lighting is typically available in sets with 25, 35, 50, 70 or 100 bulbs (although some companies offer different bulb amounts these are the most common.) A recent survey of product offerings by online retailers revealed that the price range for a 35 lamp set of LED Christmas or holiday lights ranged from around $13.00 to nearly $60. On the other hand, some online retailers were offering a 70 bulb set for just under $20.00. A LED Christmas or holiday light set with 35 bulbs may be similar in length to a 70 bulb set but the lights in the 35 bulb set will be much further apart.

Our survey also revealed that many online retailers will advertise their LED Christmas or holiday light sets at very low rates. However, during the check-out process it was determined that the low pricing was only available if the customer agreed to purchase in case quantities.

Finally, when comparing prices for LED Christmas and holiday lights be sure to consider the shipping costs. Offering products at a very low price and then charging the customer a high shipping fee is a common tactic used by online retailers to lure customers to their shopping cart.