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The Flexibility of Warm White LED String Lighting

The Flexibility of Warm White LED String Lighting

Christmas may be over, but winter has just begun. Our LED lights are rated to last over 50,000 hours, and use just a tiny fraction of energy compared to traditional incandescent Christmas lighting, which means they really don’t have to be set aside just for the holidays. Christmas lights don’t just have to be used for Christmas anymore. Our warm white mini Color-Rite LED string lights are versatile enough to use year-round.

Our warm white LEDs look similar to traditional incandescent lights, and aren’t as stark looking, as some of the pure white varieties you might have seen. As the name indicates, they give off a warm glow, and are perfect for subtle lighting inside or outside your home. You can easily add this glowing touch by leaving the lights on the mantel (minus the Christmas greenery), leaving the lights you put on the tree in the front yard up for a little while longer, or by using battery-operated LED lights in small décor projects (such as lighted flower arrangements or firefly jars - We've also found plenty of instances of LED light strands stuffed into empty wine and beer bottles on Pinterest).

If you’re really into using lights as décor accents, you can get creative with our LED Color-Rite line. The bulbs on the Color-Rite Line are completely interchangeable, allowing you to mix and match colors, or create your own custom color combination.

Mostly, we’ve found that people just love the warmth of the warm white LED. Martha Stewart turned ordinary vases into a stunning set of glowing pieces with just a little ribbon and lights. The creative force behind le Frufru made adorable lampshades for light strands out of colored paper, though we’re pretty sure you can accomplish the same look with Dixie cups. Rebecca’s DIY used small plastic cups and fabric to make some funky shades for her lights. Mallory Jane at Hayseed Homemakin’ made an ordinary strand of warm white into something fluffy and beautiful with a little lacy ribbon. Amy at DIYLife did something similar with leftover tulle from a tutu making project she’d done.

You can use your lights in larger crafting projects too. This lit-up curtain is made with pure white LED lights, but a warmer look could be created with the warm white LEDs. Apartment Therapy used a strand of LEDs to spell out “YUM” in a kitchen, and a similar project used a few clothespins and some cherished photos or children’s artwork, to turn a wall into a glowing gallery. Or, you can just use the lights as you would any other kind of trim, for a lit up 3D type effect.

Christmas is just one occasion to use warm white mini LED Christmas lights - Keep your house glowing year round by incorporating these little energy-efficient pieces into your home.