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March 5, 2008

Thank you to all of you who participated in our Christmas light recycling program. It was a huge success! We estimate that more than 5,000 people participated and that we received more than 3,000 pounds of lights for recycling.

The first 100 participants in the program received a free set of LED Christmas lights. All of those sets were mailed out in mid-January. If you participated in our program and did not receive a free set of light by now it is safe to assume that you were not one of the 1st 100. However, we will be expanding the...

The concept or perception that a symbol must only have one meaning to all people is nonsensical. However, this phenomenon is very common. Take the modern Christmas tree for example. A Christmas tree is simply any variety of evergreen tree that is cut and placed in the home during the winter holidays. Or is it?

We mentioned this many times before in previous articles, but its worth pointing out again here: incandescent lighting is old technology. We live in an age of super-powerful computers that fit in the palms of our hands yet still most of the world lights its environment with archaic and inefficient incandescent lighting technology. Given the extraordinary benefits of compact fluorescent lighting, which is readily available to the consumer market it is difficult to understand why CFL technology hasn't completely replaced the incandescent light. Many have speculated that this is a result...

February 21, 2008

The American tradition of decorating evergreen trees, homes, and landscapes with brightly lit Christmas lights is not as old as many people think. Most of us probably assume that Americans have always used Christmas lights in one form or another but this isn't exactly true. As it turns out, this American tradition has only been around for about 60 years but the development of the tradition has a story and history that began centuries ago.

February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day is over. Its still winter but St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and this is a common bench mark in the journey toward spring. To me St. Patrick's Day is a time to celebrate the dieing days of winter and welcome (at least the idea of) spring. For most people St. Patrick's Day is about drinking green beer and parades. For the true Irish people the day is about celebrating the life of St. Patrick who was once the patron saint of Ireland.

February 13, 2008

Christmas style LED lights are offered with a wide variety of bulb shapes and sizes. The most common bulb types are the mini light, G12 or raspberry light, the C6 or strawberry light, and the C7 and C9. These bulb shapes are standard sizes that have been carried over from traditional incandescent Christmas lights. However, the function and purpose of the bulb is significantly different in LED Christmas lights than in incandescent holiday lights.

February 8, 2007

The holiday season has come and gone. Although some people like to leave their Christmas lighting up year-round, for must of us its time to take the festive lights down if we haven't already done so. (To be honest, mine are still up but I am planning just to take the red and blue lights down and leave the white up to add some much needed light to the dark winter landscape.) In fact, I've read many articles recently about people complaining about those who keep their lights up too long. Apparently, there are some general rules of etiquette when...

February 6, 2008

Lighting technology has be stagnant for over 100 years. Compact fluorescent lamps are now common place in most stores but a few years ago you couldn't buy anything but an incandescent light bulb. After just being introduced to the CFL after 100 years of the same technology consumers are now being introduced to a LED lighting technology. This Christmas news about LED lights was published in most all major media markets and most big box retail stores stocked some LED Christmas tree lights. Christmas was just the beginning of a huge push by...

January 29, 2008

Lighting is a slow developing technology. The incandescent lamp has been the standard and only option for more than a hundred years. A recent explosion in the development of energy-efficient lighting technology has created a whole new range of lighting solutions for the consumer. One principle application for lighting is for general way-finding illumination. This type of lighting is typically dim enough so that it does not entirely light the surrounding environment by is bright enough to provide persons in the area with sufficient light to see a...

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