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HolidayLEDs.com Christmas Light Recycling Program 2008

Many of you know about or participated in our Christmas light recycling program last year. Last year's program was a great success and we recycled over 3000 pounds of Christmas lights. As we did last year we are offering participants a coupon for participation. This year's coupon will be 15% off anything in our catalog.

Although the program remains essentially the same we have made a few changes from last year's program that participants should be aware of:

  1. We have a new address for our recycling program. Please send your lights to HolidayLEDS 13400 Watertown Plank Rd Ste. 34 Elm Grove, WI 53122. Please address the package to the attention of "Recycling Program."
  2. All participants who want a coupon must provide a clearly written email address with their submission. All coupons will be sent via email this year.

If you are looking for more detailed information about our recycling program please visit our Christmas light recycling page.