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How to Store Icicle Lights

We know first hand that storing Christmas lights, especially, icicle Christmas lights can be a pain. We have several large containers of Christmas lights of all varieties that we keep to show customers and for other projects. Every time I went to find a sample it was a huge pain to extract the light set I wanted because all of the lights would be tangle together, especially the icicle lights. Our shipping manager recently came up with a solution for winding and storing icicle lights that seems to work pretty good. Here's what he came up with

  1. Unplug the icicle lights from all other light strings.
  2. Lay each individual string on the floor or a large flat surface
  3. Hold either the female or male end (plug) of the string in one hand.
  4. Grab the first “drop” on the string of icicle lights, pull the “drop” close to the end of the string (plug)
  5. Continue pulling all “drops” together until you have collected them all. When all “drops” are pulled together there should be a thin area between the hanging “drops” and what looks like a mess of wires above.
  6. Now that the whole string is gathered in one hand, either use a zip tie, twisty tie or something similar and secure the tie around the “thin” part of the gathered string. Once secured, the “drops” should be hanging toward the ground and the wires should be above. With all the drops secured you can place the lights in storage.

If you follow these simple steps for storing your Christmas icicle lights, next fall when you take the lights out of storage all you have to do is remove the tie and with a slight flick of the wrist the icicle lights are ready to be installed.