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It's not too late to get your LED Christmas lights in time for the holidays. Now through Christmas, all orders placed with HolidayLEDs.com which are received by 5 p.m EST will ship the same day!

I have not written much about decorating with LED Christmas lights because I am far from an expert and honestly have very little experience. Everyone thinks because I am in the Christmas lighting business I must have a large beautiful Christmas light display but I am usually so busy leading up to Christmas that I barely have time to get the tree up. However, this past weekend I decorated a small tree in the courtyard of our home with some of our warm white wide angle single mold LED Christmas lights.

Milan’s International Festival of Lights, or Festival Internazionale Della Luce in Italian, is a month-long festival in Milan designed to transform the city into an open-air stage of contemporary art. The rules of the festival are simple; artists must use energy efficient LED lights in order to illuminate city squares, avenues, historical parks, monuments, and buildings for the 2010 Christmas season. Contestants have been submitting art proposals all year and finalists will have the opportunity to install their work for all to see right in the heart of Milan.

We talk to a lot of customers who are interested in synchronizing their Christmas lighting display with music but don’t really know where to start. We currently don’t sell any musical Christmas lighting accessories and don’t have any in-house experts on the subject so we generally refer them to the good folks at Light-O-Rama who are the undisputed experts in this area. I wanted to educate myself a bit about the musical Christmas light set ups so I recently spent about 30 minutes on the phone with Chuck from Light-O-Rama.

Americans have many great holidays and holiday traditions including Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. Many of us celebrate these holidays by decorating, having parties, giving gifts, and traveling to be with family members. Americans love our holiday celebrations and they wouldn’t be the same without the long-standing accompanying traditions like turkey on Thanksgiving, trick-or-treating on Halloween, or Christmas lights on Christmas.

Each year we speak to and receive emails from a number of people who are interested in solar power Christmas lights. We’ve looked at several options for solar powered Christmas lights and found that most of the stuff that is on the market today simply isn’t very good. Most of the units we have looked at have solar panels that aren’t large enough or of high enough quality to collect enough light to charge even a small battery. Additionally, the batteries on the sets we have tested all seem to be very low quality and don’t hold much of a charge.