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LED Rope Light Adds Light and Safety

January 5, 2008

The feasibility and diversity of uses for lighting has changed dramatically with the explosion of new energy efficient lighting technology. LED lighting can be as much as 99% more efficient than standard incandescent lighing. The highly efficient light is also more suitable for multiple applications because it operates at only 1 degree above ambient temperature.

Most households have lighting fixtures locating near or above stairways, hallways, or other locations where it is important to have light for navigation at night. However, it is not often necessary, convenient or efficient to place a large lamp above a location for way-finding. The typical result is that there is more light than is needed for the application and it is not easily available when needed. (We've all fumbled around in the dark looking for the light switch to get downstairs, to the rest room, etc.)

LED rope light is a great solution for general way-finding lighting. The highly efficient rope light can be used to illuminate a stairway, hallway, path or other area that requires light for safe navigation. Unlike traditional fixtures, the rope light can be left on overnight without creating too much light or running up your electric bill. The light level that it produces is sufficient for illuminated stairways and other important obstacles but is not distracting.