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LED Rope Light Buying Guide

LED Rope Light Buying Guide

LED rope light is one of the most versatile lighting solutions on the market today. The versatility of this lighting product is primarily the function of three features of the product: 1) Its very flexible; 2) A small 1/2" unit puts out a lot of light; and 3) It can be custom cut to length. With bulb spacing of only 1" incandescent rope light consumed a lot of electricity and produced a lot of heat. The introduction of LED rope lighting made rope light a safer and more economical lighting solution.

How can rope light be used?

It would probably be easier to say how rope light can't be used because it can be used for so many applications. The best way to describe what rope light can be used for and what it is best suited for is to describe its function. LED rope light is intended to be used as decorative or ambient light. Rope light is generally not the best choice for task lighting or other lighting applications where one desires to obtain a high level of light output for reading and similar tasks. That being said, here is a list of some of the common uses of LED rope light:

  • Decorating roof lines and other architectural features of homes or business
  • Decorating holiday decor, sculptures or motifs
  • Wrapping the trunks of palm trees
  • Illuminating stair steps
  • Illuminating and decorating railings of porches or decks
  • Decorating bars
  • Adding some accent lighting to cabinets or display cases
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Adding some decorative ambient light to book shelves
  • Illuminating recessed coves or moldings

How is your LED rope light sold?

We offer our LED rope lights in 150’ Bulk Spools only:

  1. Bulk spools of 150'

Bulk spools

Our bulk spools are available in 120v. The 150' spools are the best choice for those who need a full 150' of rope light or want to custom cut multiple shorter lengths of rope from the 150' spool. It is more economical to cut your own rope light lengths from a 150' spool; however, while assembling the rope light is not all that difficult it can be a bit tricky and once the rope light is cut it is no longer UL certified and may void the warranty. The bulk spools come with one power cord already attached and 3 additional 5' power cords so you can create your own custom cut lengths.