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LED Rope Lighting is Easy to Use, Flexible Accent Lighting

December 26, 2007

LED rope lighting can be used just about anywhere you need some accent or decorative lighting. Inside the home you can consider using rope lighting along mantles, shelves, doorways, bars, bookcases, cabinets, inside closets, around windows, around molding, on stairways, or around the ceiling.

Rope lighting is an excellent option for outdoor lighting as it is completely weatherproof. LED rope lighting works wonderfully around decks, railings, gazebos, paths, safety lighting for steps, or as architectural accent lighting.

Not only are there many different applications for rope lighting, it is also very easy to install. Most rope lighting is sold in pre-cut lengths or in bulks roles. In either case, a standard power cord is connected or installed at one end of the rope light to create a power connection between the rope and any standard household outlet. Most rope light kits include some coaxial connectors with threaded fittings to connect multiple sections of rope light together.

The LED rope lighting can then be easily installed in a number of ways. Most rope light kits come with some kind of installation clip which can be screwed to the wall an hold the rope light. Most hardware stores also carry a variety of metal and plastic brackets or clips that can be mounted to the surface where you wish to install the rope light.

In most cases the lighting can be installed in a few hours by almost anyone who can use some simple tools. The lighting is so flexible and easy to use many people move it from location to location depending on seasonal or decorative lighting needs.