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LED Xmas Lights and Color Temperature

LED Xmas Lights are offered in a variety of colors of white. HolidayLEDs.com offers LED Christmas lights in Pure White, Warm White, and Antique White. All of these LED string lights produce a light that is white in color but each string produces a light which has a slightly different color temperature.

Color temperature is a characteristic of visible light that is commonly expressed in Kelvin temperature. Although the scientific definition is a bit more complicated, in lay person's terms color temperature simply describes the color of white light. A white light that is a "warm" color temperature produces a visible light that is more yellow. A light that has a "cooler" color temperature produces a light that has more blue and appears more like natural light.

LED string lights which produce a warmer color are more subtle, relaxing, and tranquil. The effect produces is warmer and more welcoming. HolidayLED's Warm White LED string lights are similar in color temperature to a standard incandescent light. The Antique White LED Christmas tree light is an even warmer color temperature and produces a lit that is similar to that of candle light.

The cooler color temperature lights produce a light that is more similar to the color of light produced by a cool white fluorescent light. This color of light is more vibrant, energetic, and awaking. HolidayLEDs.com Pure White colored lights are an excellent choice if you want to create a striking appearance.

When planning your holiday lighting display it is important to think about the type of feeling and effect your want your display to create. Selecting the appropriate color temperature LED string light will help you accomplish the desired effect.