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Make Your Holiday a Little Greener

In the past few years consumers have become increasing concerned about energy consumption for both economical and environmental reasons. As a result, consumers have been replacing traditional incandescent lighting with new highly efficient lighting technology in day-to-day lighting applications. Consumers who wish to carry this concern about energy consumption into the holiday season should strongly consider replacing their old incandescent holiday string lights with high-efficiency LED string lighting.

HolidayLED.com's holiday string lighting product line recently received approval to use the Eco Options certification mark in recognition of the unmatched energy efficiency of our product.

A recent study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency concluded if only 20% of U.S. consumers replaced their old incandescent holiday lights with the new highly-efficient LED string lights, holiday season energy consumption would be reduced by 400 GWh. (In 2003, the EPA estimated that 2220 GWh of energy was consumed in the U.S. by holiday lighting.)

We have attached the results of the EPA study and two other articles about the benefits of LED holiday lighting.

This holiday season save money, save energy, and save the environment--replace your incandescent string lights with LEDs from HolidayLEDS.com.

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