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Looking for news or information about LED Christmas lights, decorative lighting, or decorating with Christmas lights? We have a wealth of information about these subjects and we are constantly adding new content. Use the search function on our site to find older articles or sign up for our RSS feed.

July 25, 2008

It is interesting to watch the progression and changes that a new product undergoes. LED Christmas lights are no exception. When LED Christmas lights became widely available most sets featured replaceable bulbs. Higher quality 1-piece construction sets were also available but the price point was much higher. However, there was a good reason for the higher price point: the sets with the replaceable bulbs wouldn't last very long. The sets wouldn't last very long because the internal components of the socket assembly were not corrosive resistant. I...

July 22, 2008

Environmentally friendly, green, eco-friendly we've all heard these terms all over the news and the televisions but what does it mean exactly? What are we supposed to do to? I mean we all have a general idea of the principle and an idea of what is and what is not environmentally friendly but sometimes we need a little more information.

July 16, 2007

Selecting a standard white Christmas light used to be simple--there was only one choice: white or clear. With the introduction of LED Christmas lights more choices became available and its become a bit complicated. Now consumers can choose between warm white, pure white, antique white, warm white frosted and many other variations or brands thereof. All of the new shades of white became possible because LED technology allows the manufacturer of the LED to apply different phosphor...

The engineer for the City of Fairbanks, Alaska recently conducted an energy audit and found that the cities' 2646 street lights cost $535,000 to operate each year. The number was staggering considering that the communities total electric bill was $880,000. Now the city engineer and other city officials are studying the situation and trying to determine what can be done to reduce the energy costs.

Should we just turn out the lights?

June 16, 2008

We frequently help our customers analyze the cost savings that can be achieved by using LED lights instead of incandescents. The calculations to determine the cost savings are not very complicated but it is a lot easier with a good conversion calculator handy. Our Energy Scrooge Calculator provides some interesting information about the benefits of LED lights but we've ever written about how to calculate the exact savings one can expect by replacing their old incandescent Christmas lights with LED lights. Here's the data you will need to perform...

June 4, 2008

We have received a fairly steady set of inquires about powering LED Christmas lights with DC power and decided it was time to do some research and provide some information to our users. As a starting point, most standard Christmas light sets are wired for standard household AC or alternating current. This means that they cannot be power with DC or direct current without some modification. However, there are some sets of LED Christmas lights that are battery operated and already wired for DC. We will be offering battery operated sets this fall.

May 12, 2008

UL or Underwriter's Laboratory is an independent product certification organization which creates standards and tests electrical and other products for many U.S. and foreign manufacturers. One of the many products UL certifies is Christmas lights or decorative string lighting. The current certification, known as UL 588, limits the end-to-end connection of string lights to just three sets. This standard has recently been revised to reflect the great differences between LED and incandescent lighting technology.

(*Since the writing of this article UL has updated their standards for LED Christmas lights. Read about the new UL standards.)

Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) is a non-governmental for-profit product safety certification organization. UL has become the industry standard for safety certification of electronic devices in the U.S. UL certification is not a legal requirement but most reputable companies who manufacture or sell electronic devices seek the certification of UL.

I'm not sure that there was much debate about this with incandescent Christmas lights (or much of a choice for that matter) because the ability to change the incandescent bulbs was an absolute requirement because the lamps would not last very long. With the introduction of high-quality, long-lasting LED Christmas lights the ability to change the lamps became less of an issue. This is because a high quality LED light should last for about 50,000 hours. Because having the ability to change the bulbs became less of an important feature with LED holiday lights one of the major manufacturers...

May 1, 2008

Unlike traditional incandescent lighting technology, LED lights are not constantly on. That is, all LEDs flicker or turn on and off at a very high rate of speed. This is one of the reasons that they are so much more efficient, but it also can cause some undesirable effects in the appearance of the lights. Currently, there are two different types of LED Christmas tree lights on the market: 1) full wave; and 2) half wave.