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Three Kings Day and how to store your holiday lighting

February 8, 2007

The holiday season has come and gone. Although some people like to leave their Christmas lighting up year-round, for must of us its time to take the festive lights down if we haven't already done so. (To be honest, mine are still up but I am planning just to take the red and blue lights down and leave the white up to add some much needed light to the dark winter landscape.) In fact, I've read many articles recently about people complaining about those who keep their lights up too long. Apparently, there are some general rules of etiquette when it comes to Christmas lights...

According to Maralee McKee of The Protocol School (as reported in the Orlando Sentinel), lights put up for Christmas or the holidays should follow two general rules:

1. They should not be installed before Thanksgiving; and
2. They should be taken down before January 7th.

The Thanksgiving marker made sense but the January 7th deadline seemed a bit arbitrary. However, after reading further I learned that January 7th is Three Kings Day. In case you are not in tune with your holiday etiquette or Christian holidays, Three Kings Day is widely recognized as the end of the Christmas holiday. As of the writing of this article, Three Kings Day was a month ago, so if you are concerned about holiday etiquette its time to get those holiday lights down.

Our customers frequently ask us to recommend a method for storing their LED Christmas tree lights. One of the benefits of our holiday lights is that they are very durable and require no special handling. Because standard incandescent lights are so fragile people would go to great lengths to be sure their holiday decor was well-protected until the following year. About.com published some suggestions for storing Christmas lights that I think give some ideas for creating home-made storage devices. You could throw your LEDs in the corner of the attic and they would be fine, but I think it does make sense to wind them up in a fashion that will minimize tangling. I would also recommend storing them in a container that is rodent proof (mice and other little critters like to chew on things like these and use the material to make nests.) This also will protect the wiring from being cut or otherwise damaged.

For those of you looking for more tips on storing holiday decorations take a look at ehow.com or marthastewart.com

LED holiday lighting is extremely durable but if you follow some these simple tips your lights will last a very long time.