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Why you shouldn't buy your LED Christmas lights at WalMart

Each year we get several emails from distraught consumers about the defective LED Christmas lights they purchased from WalMart or one of the other big box stores. The story is always the same. The consumer purchased the lights, paid double the cost of incandescent and the lights failed in less than one year. Without fail, Walmart refers the customer to the manufacturer with whom the customer has no relationship. Apparently, WalMart gets their lights from "Holiday Time" and consumers think that that we are the manufacturer because our name contains the word Holiday. Here's a excerpt from the most recent email we received:

Unfortunately, this customer is probably not going to have much luck getting a replacement from "Holiday Time" if they can find a way to contact them at all. Even if they can find them they'll probably have to pay to ship them the lights and then pay for return shipping of a replacement set which will be of equally low quality.

As with most things, you get what you pay for. Our LED Christmas lights cost more than what you'll find at Walmart and other big box retailers but they will last. More importantly, if they don't you can just call us and we will gladly replace them. We stand behind our products. Our lights cost more because they are higher quality and we back them up with a strong warranty and outstanding customer service.

At the end of the day, Walmart and similar stores are charging consumers double for an LED product that has no chance of lasting much longer than an incandescent string light. So if you are looking for cheap, throw away Christmas lights don't waste your money on LEDs from the big box stores--buy the cheapest incandescents you can find and you'll at least get what you paid for.