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Can I change or replace the bulbs in your LED Christmas lights?

The majority of the LED Christmas lights we sell do not have removable or replaceable Christmas light bulbs. One of the great advantages of LED bulbs is that they will last for a very long time and should not need replacing. With a few exceptions, we have found that the benefit of having a sealed (one-piece) bulb and socket assembly for weather proofing purposes outweighs the value of having a replaceable bulb. However, we do offer two product lines with removable and replaceable LED Christmas light bulbs. Both our Color-Rite and Flex-Change line of LED Christmas lights have bulbs which can be removed, replaced and interchanged with other LED bulbs from the respective product lines. These bulbs are removable to allow the installer the flexibility to create custom colored light sets--not because the bulbs are likely to burn out and need replacement.