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Can LED Christmas lights be attached to my old incandescent string lights?

LED string lights contain a tiny fuse which is built into the string. Because incandescent lights draw so much more power than LED strings it is likely that the incandescent lights will blow the fuse in the LED string. We do not recommend that you use your LED strings with old incandescent strings for this reason.


LED Holder Compatibility with existing sockets

If I want to replace all my existing bulbs in a string that is currently incandescent with LED replacements, how do I know the holder will fit in the existing socket? My real need is for a 10 bulb decorative string.

The only incandescent light

The only incandescent light sets that will allow you to replace the incandescent bulbs with LED Christmas light replacement bulbs are the C7 and C9 screw in bulbs. All of the other LED replacement bulbs we sell will only work with the our LED Christmas lights sets with replaceable bulbs. These are the Flex-Change or Color-Rite. If you want to do a 10 light set your best best is to purchase a short length of the C9 socket wire and some of the male/female plug connectors, C9 Christmas light bulbs and cut it to length. Hope this helps.