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24" Blue Cascading LED Light Tube

24" Blue Cascading LED Light Tube
SKU: 50164
Price: $26.95
Installation Location: 

24" Blue LED cascading light tube featuring 32 LEDs positioned down each tube, creating a cascading light effect. Different drop speeds between each cycle, and random drops when multiple tubes are connected together. Perfect for trees, fences, rooflines, building fronts, Holidays, or anywhere you want to create a big impact. White cord, 6" coaxial male and female ends. Tubes are connect end to end. Power cord, sold separate. SKU 50100 required. Can connect up to 200 tubes end to end per power cord. Additional spacer wire required for further tube spacing. Water tight tubes, co-axial connections screw together and will not pull apart, and can be seen from all sides, 360 degree view. Big impact, does not require alot of tubes.

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24" Blue Cascading LED Light Tube
  • Installation location: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Certifications: UL
  • SKU: 50164
Price: $26.95