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Crystal White Strawberry LED Christmas light

Pure White C6 LED Christmas Lights
SKU: 20613R-B
Price: $21.99
String Length: 
Wire Color: 
Bulb Count: 
Bulb Spacing: 
Bulb Type: 
LED Single Mold (Non-removable)
Light Type: 
Total Watts: 
Installation Location: 
Connect up to: 
45 Strings
Standard Plug
Energy Star
Flicker Free: 

This is a great multi-purpose decorative light set. Use this pure white C6 LED Christmas light set for a brighter and more lively Christmas tree this year or use it for general outdoor decorating winter or summer. The crisp white light will turn your outdoor living space into or brighter and more inviting area for you and your guests. The C6 bulb style combined with our one-piece bulb and socket design also makes this light set a great choice for decorating outdoor trees and bushes.

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Pure White C6 LED Christmas Lights
  • Wire Color: Green
  • String Length: 23.3'
  • Installation location: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Bulb Type: LED Single Mold (Non-removable)
  • Light type: LED
  • Bulb Count: 70
  • Total watts: 4.8
  • Bulb Spacing: 4"
  • Flicker free: Yes
  • Connect up to: 45 Strings
  • Certifications: Energy Star, UL
  • Connector: Standard Plug
  • SKU: 20613R-B
Price: $21.99
List Price: $26.99


The picture doesn't do these

The picture doesn't do these any justice. I bought these for our Christmas tree to replace some old white C7 bulbs. We decided we try the pure white for a different look and the HolidayLEDs.com person we talked to recommended these over the C7s. I thought they wouldn't be bright enough because they were a bit small than the C7. I was wrong for the first time in my life :)