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Multi-Color Mini LED Christmas Light

Multi Color LED Christmas Mini Lights
SKU: 41617R-B
Price: $18.50
String Length: 
Wire Color: 
Bulb Count: 
Bulb Spacing: 
Bulb Type: 
LED Single Mold (Non-removable)
Light Type: 
Total Watts: 
Installation Location: 
Connect up to: 
45 Strings
Standard Plug
Energy Star
Flicker Free: 

Our multi color LED mini light is the energy efficient version of the traditional 5 multi color mini style Christmas light. This light set features alternating green, blue, red, orange and yellow LED lights on standard green wire. This high quality light set features 70 fully rectified and flicker free LEDs spaced 4" apart. Using 80% less than traditional multi color mini lights, HolidayLEDs.com multi mini lights are a great choice for your holiday decorating.

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Multi Color LED Christmas Mini Lights
  • Wire Color: Green
  • String Length: 23.3'
  • Installation location: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Bulb Type: LED Single Mold (Non-removable)
  • Light type: LED
  • Bulb Count: 70
  • Total watts: 4.8
  • Bulb Spacing: 4"
  • Flicker free: Yes
  • Connect up to: 45 Strings
  • Certifications: Energy Star, UL
  • Connector: Standard Plug
  • SKU: 41617R-B
Price: $18.50
List Price: $22.99


Can't stop buying more!


I can't stop buying these, they look amazing and the more you have the more impressive your house looks. My neighbors are put to shame with their Target brand cheap-o lights.

great set for windows


This is a well made set which will fit many standard and oversized windows using only 1 set. The colors are bright and vivid. Using only 4 watts per set you can decorate every window in the house.

Mini Christmas lights

Just receieved 5 sets of these, and they are great....good color and brightness.

good colors and quality

I bought 3 sets of these last year for our Christmas tree and like them so much I bought 10 more sets during the summer clearance sale. I liked the price a lot better when they were 25% off but I still think they are a good value a full price. I switch to LED when they first came out like 5 years ago and went through a lot of crappy lights before I knew what to look for in a good set. The cheap ones won't last longer than the incandescents. This set has nice durable wire, a good wire twist and bright colors that don't flicker.

Very nice lights

These lights are much brighter than our old incandescent holiday lights. Seem to be well made, durable, and a nice size for a typical Christmas tree or other decorations. I'm looking forward to the lower electric bill we'll have this year since we're using these LEDs.