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Blue Christmas lights are an excellent way to add some colorful accent lighting to your Christmas tree or holiday display. We've also seen some spectacular displays using only blue Christmas lights. The color blue is a great winter color and will brighten up a dark winter landscape without creating to much light.

Our blue LED Christmas lights produce a very true and pure blue color that cannot be matched in standard incandescent blue Xmas lights. This is because the blue light is created directly by the LED and not by passing white light through colored glass as is the case with blue incandescent lights.

Try using our blue LED Christmas lights as an accent color to our pure white Christmas lights or alone. Our blue holiday lights also look great with green or mixed with red and white for 4th of July or Memorial day. Our blue mini lights and blue wide angle Christmas lights are perfect for wrapping outdoor trees.

7.5" Blue LED Sphere
Blue Color-Rite C5 Holiday LED with Interchangeable Bulbs
Blue C9 LED Retrofit Bulb Stringer Kit
12" Blue LED Rope Light Snowflake
24" Blue LED Cherry Tree
Blue Smooth C7 LED Christmas Lights
Blue LED Trunk Wraps
Blue Christmas Lights C6
C7 Blue LED Light String 25 Bulbs
24" Blue LED Rope Light Snowflake
Blue Micro Dot Battery Led Christmas Lights
Blue G12 LED Christmas Lights
Blue LED Net Lights
Blue Color-Rite C5 on White Wire with Replacable Bulbs
36" Blue LED Rope Light Snowflake
Blue LED M5 Icicle Lights
Blue Twinkle C7 Replacement Bulbs
Blue LED Mini Christmas Lights
C7 LED Blue Replacement Bulbs
C9 Blue LED Light String
Blue Color-Rite 5MM on White Wire Holiday LED with Removable Bulbs
Blue Color-Rite LED Mini Christmas Lights with Removable Bulbs
Blue C9 LED Relacement Bulbs
Blue Color-Rite 5MM Holiday LED Lights with Removable Bulbs
Blue LED Christmas Twinkle Lights
Blue 5MM LED Christmas Lights
Blue 5MM LED Christmas Lights
LED Spotlight Blue