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Yellow Color-Rite 5MM on White Wire

Yellow Color-Rite 5MM on White Wire with Interchangeable Bulbs
SKU: 910028
Price: $23.99
String Length: 
Wire Color: 
Bulb Count: 
Bulb Spacing: 
Bulb Type: 
Light Type: 
Installation Location: 
Connect up to: 
30 strings
Standard Plug
Flicker Free: 

Our yellow Color-Rite 5MM wide angle lights on white wire are a great choice for birthdays and graduation parties. We also like this set for creating custom themed sets with the colors of your favorite sports teams. With our patented Color-Rite bulb technology changing bulbs is a snap. Simply unscrew the existing bulb and replace it with a bulb of another color or style from our Color-Rite line. Add some purple to this set and it's a perfect set for LSU or Lakers fans!

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Yellow Color-Rite 5MM on White Wire with Interchangeable Bulbs
  • Wire Color: White
  • String Length: 17.5
  • Installation location: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Bulb Type: Removable/Interchangeable
  • Light type: LED
  • Bulb Count: 50
  • Bulb Spacing: 4"
  • Flicker free: Yes
  • Connect up to: 30 strings
  • Connector: Standard Plug
  • SKU: 910028
Price: $23.99

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