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red and white LED christmas lights

I bought red and white icicle christmas lihts.
Not only was the prices good. the shipping was wright on time...
I plugged in all the lights too make sure thay worked. YES thay did
and thay look great......



We ordered some Blue and Gold lights to decorate our deck in the Notre Dame colors during the football season. The lights were promptly delivered. When my husband opened the box he told me that there were only 2 strands of lights in the box and not the 3 that we had paid for. I contacted Holiday LEDS right away and told them of the mistake--they said that another strand would be shipped right away. About 15 minutes later my husband realized that he had taken a strand out and set it in the kitchen. Again I contacted them and told them that we had found the 3rd strand. They told me that the strand had already been shipped and for us to go ahead and keep it. This was so generous of them.

The lights are awesome and in spite of being quite small put off a great deal of light. Thank you so much. Mary S.