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Does HolidayLEDs.com have a green office policy?

HolidayLEDs encourages and promotes environmentally-friendly practices. We also practice what we preach. We've implemented the following policies to help limit the impact our office has on our environment:

1. Efficient Lighting. We minimize the use of electric lighting by utilizing natural light when we can. We have also replaced all of our incandescent lights with energy-efficient LED or fluorescent lighting.

2. We Turn Things Off. We turn our computers and all other electronic devices off at night and at other times when we are not using them.

3. We Try Not to Print. We try to minimize the number of documents that we print on paper. For the most part all of our inter-office communications and documents are electronic.

4. We Use Refurbished Office Equipment. We do not have any new office equipment. All of our chairs, desks, and cabinets are refurbished.

5. We Recycle. If we can't reuse it, we recycle it. We recycle our paper, glass, cans, bottles and anything else can be recycled.