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LED Rope Light

Our LED rope light is a flexible, efficient, and durable decorative lighting product. Rope light is great for several interior and exterior applications such as restaurants and bars; holiday displays and sculptures; roof lines; boats and RVs; and any other application where a flexible and efficient decorative lighting product is needed.

Our LED rope light is sold in bulk spools of 150' or in custom-cut lengths in increments of 3', 43", or 6' (depending on color). Our bulk spools come with one power cord attached and 2 other power cords and accessory kits. The bulk rope light can be cut in 3', 43", or 6' increments. The custom-cut rope light is ideal for those who know the exact length of LED rope light needed and do not want to deal with cutting the rope light and installing the power cord. Simply select the length you need and we'll cut it and install the power cord for you.