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Valentines Day Lights

We have a large selection of led lights that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Show your passion this year with a beautiful lighting display featuring string lights, net lights, and many other options. If you’re looking for a specific color of LED, you may browse by color for added convenience. Head over to our lighting blog if you’re looking for ideas on how to improve your lighting this year.

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Pure White LED Christmas Lights- Net Lights
Cool White Net Lights
Price: $32.99
Pure White LED Christmas Lights
Price: $21.99
Pure White LED Mini Lights on White Wire
Price: $22.50
out of stock
Pure White Color-Rite C5
Price: $26.50
Red & Pure White Icicle Lights
Price: $24.99
Red 5MM 70 Light
Price: $17.50
Red 5MM LED Lights
Price: $17.99
Red Color-Rite 5MM
Price: $22.99
5MM  Net Lights Red LED Christmas Lights
Red LED Net Lights
Price: $29.99
Red LED Tree Trunk Wraps
Price: $22.99
Red LED Twinkle Lights
Price: $21.99
70 Light Red LED Icicle Light
Price: $18.99
Red Color-Rite LED Mini Light
Price: $22.99
out of stock
Red Color-Rite C5
Price: $23.50
Red Color-Rite C5 on White Wire
Price: $24.50
Red C7 LED Christmas Lights
Price: $16.50
Red C9 LED 25 Lights
Price: $14.99
Red C9 LED Bulbs - Pack of 25
Price: $42.25
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