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HolidayLEDs offers orange led lighting of all types, including 5mm lighting, tree trunk wrap, Halloween lighting, and so much more. If you’re looking for a special occasion lighting or even a specific type, we have what you need! Head on over to the lighting guide for information on led lighting and how to best include them into your lighting display.

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Orange 5MM 70 Light
Price: $17.50
Orange 5MM Color-Rite
Price: $22.99
Orange 5MM LED 50 Lights
Price: $17.99
Orange 5MM Twinkle Lights
Price: $21.99
5MM Orange LED Halloween Lights
Orange LED Halloween Lights
Price: $21.98
Orange LED Net Lights
Price: $30.99
Orange LED Tree Trunk Wrap
Price: $22.99
Orange LED Icicle Lights
Price: $19.99
Orange Mini Lights
Price: $17.50
Orange Color-Rite C5
Price: $23.50
Orange 7.5" LED Light Sphere
Price: $52.99
Orange LED Spotlight
Price: $19.99