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What is the difference between your lights and the less expensive lights I can buy at the local big box store?

A lot of people ask this question because our lights are typically a bit more expensive than what is available at the local big box store. The primary difference between the lights we sell and those offered at the big box store is overall quality. There is no advantage to choosing LED Christmas lights (which cost more than incandescent) if they won't last more than 1 season. The advantage of LED Christmas lights is that they use 85-90% less power, they last much longer than incandescent and over the course of several years of use the consumer will save money in electricity and replacement Christmas light sets. However, most of the light sets that are available at the big box stores won't last more than a season or 2 so there really isn't any reason to pay more for these than incandescent.

While we have seen some higher quality product in some of the big box retail stores in the last year or so, the majority of the holiday lights available are still very low quality and have the same old design defects. There are a few primary problems with the low quality light sets sold at the big box stores:

1. Most of the LED Christmas lights are a two-piece construction which works horribly unless they use corrosion proof components for the connection between the bulb and socket. Most do not use corrosion proof components because corrosion proof components are more expensive. The result of this is that the metal components that connect the bulb and the socket are damaged by rust and corrosion after only one season of exposure to moisture;

2. They use low quality LEDs that product poor color and will not last much longer than an incandescent bulb; and

3. The sets are not rectified and use low quality wire so the LEDs tend to have a strobing effect which is unattractive.

In most cases it would be more cost effective to buy incandescent sets than it would be to pay more for a low quality LED set. There are some decent quality LED light sets at the big box stores now but they aren't easy to find and you really have to know what you are looking for.