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It was easy to find what I was looking for on the site. Also, the prices of the lights are very reasonable. Shipping might seem a little expensive and it wouldn’t give me an estimated delivery date, but the value is worth a little hassle.
I went to the site for a purchase because I had discovered it a few years agi as a place to recycle old Christmas lights. The selection process was straightforward and the company makes it very easy to get a 15% discount off retail prices.
Great experience, again!
When I want unique lighting I check Holiday LEDs first. I always review their closeouts, though!
Really good selection and organized well to get the wire color, bulb color and type.
The item arrived much quicker than expected! Good quality with minimal packaging.
I would recommend this company.
Product was easy to find and they had bulk pricing for the item I was looking for. Website was easy to manage and they had a coupon code that saved me even more.
I consistently find what I am looking for at a reasonable price for high quality LED lights for the holidays. What I like most is that I can find lights that meet my needs that I could never find at Home Depot, Lowes, or other home improvement or hardware stores.
Good product and fast reliable service!
Great lights and good price! I have already recommended.
My son purchased these lights for his home and I loved them. Now you have a new customer. Best service ever!
Googled recycling xmas lights, found Holiday LEDS offered 15% off, shipped the ones to be recycled and ordered with email coupon that day. The excellent purple lights out front are from there.
Quick easy, had what I wanted at a good price!
Competitor’s lights fail after only the first or second season, which is so frustrating. I am happy and secure with my decision to invest with HolidayLEDs for my home. With HolidayLEDs, I know we will all enjoy many nights of festive lights on our home for many years to come!
The snowflake and Orbs are as beautifully as portrayed! Very happy with this order!
Product was exactly what I needed at a price that was reasonable.
Very easy to locate product and place order. I will be shopping with HolidayLEDs again.
I have worked with Rachel on my orders for the last two years now and she has been great!
I wanted to tell you that those "Glisten" lights that Rachel suggested, to replace "Twinkle" lights, were perfect! They are lovely, the color range is just what I wanted! And I have two sets of lights on the deck that I ordered several years ago from you, C7, 1" cone, and they are working beautifully, too! Thank you for providing the Sparkle we need for the season! Happy New Year!
I knew that there had to be better lighting than the big box stores.
Have enjoyed a great source of LED decorative holiday/seasonal lights at great prices with Have never been disappointed by any products I have purchased, I am almost finished replacing all of the old lights with their LED strings of lights, since I use them for every holiday as well as extra lighting for the arch over our front yard step.
I got your newsletter e-mail about Halloween costumes using LEDs and I wanted to send you a photo of one I did a couple years ago using your battery Christmas lights! I was a nebula, and I couldn't have done it without your LEDs!
Thank you my son has been after me about replacing my old Christmas lights...You have made my son one happy camper now that mom is changing her lights over to LED...we decorate all HOLIDAY so I hope to replace all my lights when money become available. Like that I can recycle my lights, been telling everyone to give me there lights to my son is deaf and has autism...and they like Lights.
The flicker-free LED's are very nice (My children and I are sensitive to the flicker in cheaper LED lights) and last a long time. There is a great selection of colors and bulb shapes and sizes. I like that there are many options with white wire to use for indoor decorating- not just green wire for trees.
Excellent customer service. I called regarding my new customer discount and was called back on the next business day. Saved money. I have been looking for these LED's for a long time and finally found them here. Thanks
I guess I was a bit eager to get some additional Christmas Lights. LOL I can’t believe they arrived yesterday after I had just notified you. I have to tell you that I love your company, products and service. I remember the first year my wife and I were driving around our town ,looking at Christmas lights and we noticed some tiny, very bright lights that were amazing. We discovered LED’s that year and all of my LED’s come from your company. I spent my career as a creative Art Director for major retailers. I am still obsessed with Christmas decorations! Thank you for all you provide, for all of us that are addicted to Holiday lights!
Thanks so much for having a place to send Christmas lights that don’t work anymore! It felt so wasteful to throw away those strings. You are doing the world a collective favor by recycling these old lights. Thank you,
Great selection, great service, reasonable prices.
LED's are, by far, the best holiday season light that there is and the colors are wonderful.
You guys rock!
Great products and service!!
This was the only place I could find colored (Christmas) lights off season.
Customer service was very friendly, and very helpful. I needed a lot of information to figure out which product would work for my application - and I got the help I needed.
Like the product and pricing.
Easy to navigate website. Product has been as promised in past.
Very good Products, high quality.
Love your lights and your website.
Even though these replacement bulbs are really expensive it dropped my amperage usage for 9 25 bulb strands from 16 amps to 4.5 amps... Wow I never would have dreamed that...
I wanted quality LEDS that will last several years Holiday LEDS seems to have fit my expectations.
Product is as easy to use as advertised.
I seem to buy Christmas lights from Holiday Leds every year. Good product, delivered promptly, very satisfactory transactions.
Excellent quality. Their LED bulbs last at least 3 time longer than Home Depot garbage, and look brighter and with better deeper colors.
It is always refreshing to hear from your customers what a great experience they had with your company. I had no other reason to look elsewhere as I am sure I will be as pleased as they have been! Thank you for the opportunity of sharing, God Bless and a very Merry Christmas to all!
Great service and products.
Great selection!
Have never been disappointed. Always a pleasure to shop at HolidayLeds.
Great selection of led net lights.
Good products at good prices. Fast shipping.
Delivery was unbelievably quick it was fabulous!
Great site, wide selection of products, good value. Had a customer service question, prompt response by email.
Friendly service, fast delivery, and great selection of products.
Great experience-thank you.
Good Company.. Quality Product.
Deal in excellent products. Whenever I've had a problem they've been right on the spot make it right.
They always have what I’m looking for!
Keep up the good work on the quick turnaround.
Great price on pro series outdoor Christmas lights by the case.
I have purchased pure white LED bulbs from you a few years ago. There are still in good working order after using them for several weeks during each Christmas season. Good quality.
Well organized website, with useful information on electrical connection options.
I have ordered before and been satisfied with the quality!
I just want to say thank you for the fast shipping and I love, love the green led lights! Thx!
Found just what I was looking for.
Customer service was very prompt in responding to my inquiries.
The product was exactly what I wanted!
I like the quality of the products, and the color of the purple lights.
These lights have been so popular by all who drive by or visit that I have given the company name/website many times!!!
The website is well organized, and sale prices were below those of some others. Product selection was also better than others.
Thank you for always having what I'm looking for. Quality products at great prices.
Quick and easy!
Excellent service - quality products. I appreciate it!
Bought the white and multicolored lights for Christmas and I really like them and they are very bright. These are patriotic lights that are a gift.
Always great service and product.
Excellent - can't do it any better than these guys!
I like shopping here - I have never been disappointed with my purchase!
HolidayLEDs has always been easy to deal with, and promptly responsive to questions. Where an error has occurred, they were right there, ready to assist fully
We have ordered from before and always received quality products in a timely manner. We really appreciate that they have a holiday lights recycle program.
HolidayLEDs contacted me about the order, after noting that several items were incompatible with the main part of the order. It was a good catch and worthwhile call, even though there actually wasn't a problem.
Nice selection of lights, can't wait to start decorating :)
They offer a light recycling program, that is a nice bonus.
I have purchased lights for my deck several times. One time I ordered the wrong color and I emailed and they were so accommodating and I was able to return the lights and they sent me the correct color. With this last purchase, the lights were out of stock and I emailed them and asked them to notify me when they were offered again. After 9 months, I received an email from them to tell me they were in stock. Bravo! A wonderful company! The lights are also awesome. I change them with the season and I will order more in the future.
Awesome prices, I used to hang Xmas lights for a living in college, and I wish that I bought from you guys back then.
Excellent customer service & have never had any problems with any of my purchases. I’ve been doing business with them for about 3 years.
The opportunity to recycle my old Christmas lights was the reason that I chose this website.
Every part of my purchase and experience with Holiday LED’s was very professional and a great experience.
I found Holiday LEDS to have an extensive selection of types and colors of holiday lighting. Specifications were immediately available online as well. Prices were competitive so the overall shopping and purchase experience were great. I hope to receive these soon to supplement the holiday light show!
Thanks for the great (above and beyond) service.
The lights are perfect! I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate everything that you did to help me in this situation. Thanks again and I will be certain to use your company from now on.
I did a lot of shopping around online and found the best price here than anywhere else for the product, quantity, and quality I was looking for.
After reading the construction info, I was sold on the lights. Not that I wanted a case of them but my wife the Christmas freak said we could find a place for them. Also the price per strand was great.
Very good firm to do business with. I am a repeat customer because of the high quality of the lights and price. Shipping is also fast.
Very happy with the lights, just what I wanted and I would do business with you again your prices are extremely fair.
I have purchased lights for my deck several times. One time, I ordered the wrong color and I emailed and they were so accommodating and I was able to return the lights and they sent me the correct color. With my last purchase, the lights were out of stock and I emailed them and asked them to notify me when they were offered again. After 9 months, I received an email from them to tell me they were in stock. Bravo! A wonderful company! The lights are also awesome. I change them with the season and I will order more in the future.
Easily the best LEDs for outdoor use on the market. I've tried some of the "big store" brands - not even close to the quality of these lights!
Routine, small order, it went smoothly!
Good Prices!
They have some unusual high quality lights which I appreciate.
I always order these lights for Christmas!
Excellent customer service in promptly answering questions about the product and suggestion to order a more efficient product.
Great shopping experience!
Always pleased with product quality and innovation.
Very high quality light products at reasonable prices.
Very pleased.
Great place to get reclacement lights when it's not Christmas.
Prices are good.
Very imformative and easy to navigate.
I am very impressed with their products.
I recommond this company for all Holiday lighting needs.
I liked the choices and descriptions.
Easy selection and ordering.