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Purple, Yellow, & Warm White C9 LED Retro Bulb Stringer Kit

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Purple, Yellow, & Warm White C9 LED Retro Bulb Stringer Kit

Item Number: KIT-C9-PR-Y-WW
Item: In Stock
Price: $60.29

Holiday LEDs offers a full line of Professional C9 Stringer LED light kits. Each kit consists of 1) 25 socket C9 stringer made of durable 18 gauge wire, and depending on the kit, the corresponding colors  of our top quality C9 Premium Grade Retrofit replacement bulbs (see description below). These lights are durable, waterproof, long lasting, contain 5 LEDs per bulb, and use a fraction of the power and energy of incandescent bulbs. Also, because they are LED lights they generate almost no heat, meaning, they are great to use everywhere. No connector necessary, these lights are ready to plug right into your outlet, extension cord, or timer.                                                                                            

Each time you add one kit to your cart you will receiving the following products:                               

1) 25 socket C9 Stringer - 25' Lighted + 25' Blank (no socket) Wire = 50' Total Length                               
8) Purple C9 Retrofit Bulbs                                                                              
9) Yellow C9 Retrofit Bulbs   
8) Warm White C9 Retrofit Bulbs                                       

No Female Plug Attached - Can add Female Plug for end-to-end connection - Max Run is 400 bulbs  

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Bulb Count: 25
Bulb Shape: C9 (Strawberry)
Installation Location: Indoor/Outdoor
Hour Rating: 50,000 Hours
ROHS Compliant: Yes
Wire Color: Green
Bulb Spacing: 12"
Set Length: 25FT Lighted
Wire Type: #18 Gauge
Bulb Construction: Removable/Interchangeable

Product Reviews

(0 Ratings, 0 Reviews)