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5Multi Color C7 LED Commercial Grade Christmas Light Set; Wholesale Case of 12

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5-Multi Color C7 Strawberry LED Case of 12

Item Number: C79317RY-CS
Item: In Stock
Price: $131.88
*Case of 12 sets - Breaks down to only $10.99 each!

Looking for a traditional 5-multi color C7 set of Christmas lights without all the traditional hassles? LED Christmas lights are no longer new and novel but good quality sets of LED holiday light strings are tough to find. We look at sample sets from all over the place and haven't seen anything that is as durable as our commercial lights sets. Like all of our commercial grade Christmas lights this set includes red, green, blue, yellow, and orange C7 bulbs featuring heavy duty 20 gauge wire and threaded, compression fit connectors. 

Requires LED Power Cord/Adapter C05065RY Plug in order to connect the coaxial end of the lights to a standard power outlet. This item is sold separate.

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Bulb Count: 25
Bulb Shape: C7
Installation Location: Indoor/Outdoor
Connectivity: 60 Strands End to End
UL or CSA-US Approved: Yes
Hour Rating: 50,000 Hours
ROHS Compliant: Yes
Water Proof: Yes
Wire Color: Green
Bulb Spacing: 12"
Set Length: 25 FT
Wire Lead/Tail: 6" Lead / 6" Tail
Wire Type: #20 Gauge
Bulb Construction: 1 Piece Construction
Set Connections: Threaded Coaxial
Wattage: 3.6
Dimmable: Yes

Product Reviews

(0 Ratings, 0 Reviews)