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Trunk & Net Lights

Trunk & Net Lights

LED Tree Wrap Lights

Put the finishing touch on your outdoor light display with easily installed LED Tree Wrap Lights and experience long-lasting, brilliant light with higher energy efficiency than the traditional incandescent light.  LED Tree Wrap Lights are engineered to emit brilliant, consistent light and maintain professional display even after years of use, due to the durability and quality of the strings.

Wrap your trees in the brilliant glow of LED tree lights and create stunning holiday light displays with ease, while keeping your energy bill lower than even with traditional incandescent lights. Traditional warm white trunk lights in an energy-efficient and brilliant wide-angle LED bulb. This net light is a soft warm white and is in measurement. The 100 LED lights will nicely illuminate any of your deciduous or tropical trees with a warm white light that can be the main attraction or a lovely accent at your next outdoor event.

LED Net Lights

Net lights are string lights that have been connected to form a grid, which can easily cover the exterior of bushes or tree trunks in a fast, hassle-free installation process. Many people wonder “how do you use net lights?” Our wide-angle outdoor net lights allow you to decorate bushes, shrubs and other landscape greenery with ease.

 This full-wave rectified set features our brilliant wide-angle lens which produces a soft white light which is very similar to incandescent clear. The 100 LED lights will nicely illuminate your small to mid-sized shrubs and bushes. For larger projects, these net lights can be connected end-to-end. Net light installation is very easy once you know where to start and the best method for creating the look you want to achieve. Net lights can provide a unique look of patterned lighting across a large number of bushes, however, if you prefer random lighting patterns, this can be accomplished with net lights too!