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Twinkly Home RGB Holiday Lights

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Transform your Holiday Displays with Hi-Tech Twinkly Home Smart Lights

Decorating for the holidays just got even easier. Twinkly Home RGB Lights combine modern technology with the nostalgic twinkle of Christmas lights to create a revolutionary product, made just for you.

Deck the Halls with Customizable Light Displays

Twinkly Home smart lights use colorful RGB LEDs to perform incredible effects and animations. Not only will they display a luminous, bright glow, but they will last long throughout harsh winter conditions with their durability and reliability.

Advanced technology for Christmas décor may sound intimidating, but it’s quite the opposite: Twinkly Home is quick and easy to install, connects to local WiFI, and has the ability for lights to dance, twirl, and sparkle any way you want them. Whether you’re looking to step up your Christmas light installation business, or needing an elegant boost to your interior décor, Twinkly Home is the must-have product this holiday season.

Endless Design Possibilities

Whether you take creating into your own hands or want something beautiful yet and straightforward, there are numerous functions and applications for Twinkly Home RBG lights. Choose from a vast display gallery of pre-set effects, designs, and animations, or use the fantastic 3D mapping tool to map out where you want your lights and what you want them to do—at all times!

The best part? All of the control is in your hands (literally!)

Customizations Done Your Way

Set up effects and animations right from a smartphone or smart device. Twinkly Home is controllable via the Twinkly app, making it easy to customize, design, and activate LED string strings right from your fingertips. Large contract lighting displays or downtown Christmas trees can look festive and fun as you control what color lights you want and how they twirl and shine. Give your business a holiday boost by choosing festive colors for your LED string lights and synchronizing them to music. There are so many awesome features of Twinkly Home products that are not only functional but incredibly aesthetic, as well, for commercial and residential applications. Bring out your creative side with your customizations, from colors to speed to key parameters of each animation.

Twinkly smart lights ultimately look clean, professional, and magical — every passerby or family member will be wide-eyed over the beauty.

Twinkly Home is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Unbox your Twinkly Home Kit, which includes the power supply, a WiFi controller, and Twinkly dual-line string lights.
  2. Download the Twinkly app, then follow the simple set-up process.
  3. Deck the halls and decorate!

It’s that easy. The only headache you’ll get is the one from not being able to decide what design, effect, or colors you want out of the hundreds there are to choose from!