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C5 Color-Rite LED Light - Green Wire - 50 Bulbs

  • Total length17.3'
  • Count50 bulbs
  • Wire ColorGreen
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Underwriter’s License
Hour Rating 50k HR
ROHS Compliant
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  • The brilliant design of our Color-Rite Christmas lights is the most advanced improvement to the LED holiday light system yet. While LED bulbs rarely burn out, many people still like to have the ability to remove and replace a bulb if necessary. Our Color-Rite system allows the user to do this as well as interchange the bulbs of one Color-Rite set with bulbs of another. This set features 50 or our C5 style LED Christmas lights on green wire.

    The Color-Rite strands are full wave rectified by a capacitor in the plug which allows the different colored LEDs to be interchanged in line.  These strands are very versatile and can be used for a wide variety of creative projects. Since the strands use a capacitor to regulate the power, they will not perform well in animated displays using a dimming sequence.
    • SKU: 815009-CS
    • Bulb Count 50
    • Bulb Shape C5
    • Installation Location Indoor/Outdoor
    • Connectivity 30 Strands End-to-End
    • UL or CSA-US Approved Yes
    • Current 110-130 (Fullwave Rectified/Flicker Free)
    • Hour Rating 50,000 Hours
    • ROHS Compliant Yes
    • Waterproof Yes
    • Wire Color Green
    • Bulb Spacing 4"
    • Set Length 17.3'
    • Wire Lead/Tail 6" Lead / 6" Tail
    • Wire Type #22 Gauge
    • Recommended Uses Bushes, Medium to large trees, Medium to large wreaths, Garland, & Indoor trees
    • Bulb Construction 3-Piece Construction
    • Set Connections End-to-end plug
    • Wattage 6
    • Dimmable No
    • Product Type Strings
    • Occasion Halloween Lights
    • Occasion Patriotic Lights
    • Occasion Valentine's Day
    • Occasion Christmas Lights
    • Occasion St. Patrick's Day
    • Occasion Hanukkah Lights
    • Occasion Easter Lights