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With a few exceptions all of our LED Christmas lights are fully dimmable.  The battery operated sets, the Color-Rite line and some of the multi function sets are not dimmable.  If you are shopping for dimmable LED Christmas lights you should be aware that not all full-wave or rectified holiday lights are dimmable.  Many companies advertise that their lights are dimmable but the dimmable range is horrible or non-existent.  If you are planning to use our lights with a light animation system you need to make sure you have enough power draw on each channel.  Because LEDs draw so little power you need to have a sufficient number of strands connected to each channel to have a sufficient initial draw for the controller to recognize it.

A lot of people ask this question because our lights are typically a bit more expensive than what is available at the local big box store.  The primary difference between the lights we sell and those offered at the big box store is overall quality.  There is no advantage to choosing LED Christmas lights (which cost more than incandescent) if they won't last more than 1 season.  The advantage of LED Christmas lights is that they use 85-90% less power, they last much longer than incandescent and over the course of several years of use the consumer will save money in electricity and replacement Christmas light sets.   However, most of the light sets that are available at the big box stores won't last more than a season or 2 so there really isn't any reason to pay more for these than incandescent.

While we have seen some higher quality product in some of the big box retail stores in the last year or so, the majority of the holiday lights available are still very low quality and have the same old design defects.  There are a few primary problems with the low quality light sets sold at the big box stores:

1.  Most of the LED Christmas lights are a two-piece construction which works horribly unless they use corrosion proof components for the connection between the bulb and socket.  Most do not use corrosion proof components because corrosion proof components are more expensive.  The result of this is that the metal components that connect the bulb and the socket are damaged by rust and corrosion after only one season of exposure to moisture;

2.  They use low quality LEDs that product poor color and will not last much longer than an incandescent bulb; and

3.  The sets are not rectified and use low quality wire so the LEDs tend to have a strobing effect which is unattractive.

In most cases it would be more cost effective to buy incandescent sets than it would be to pay more for a low quality LED set.  There are some decent quality LED light sets at the big box stores now but they aren't easy to find and you really have to know what you are looking for.

We offer two kinds of C9 LED Christmas lights: 1) the prelamped C9 strings with non-removable bulbs; and 2) C9 LED retrofit replacement bulbs.  The prelamped C9 strings use only 1 LED per bulb and are not as bright at a C9 incandescent.  Our LED retrofit replacement bulbs have 5 LEDs per bulb and are as bright, if not brighter than a C9 incandescent.  The 5 LED bulbs consumer .96 watts per bulb and the single LED strings use .072 watts per bulb.  While the 5 LED bulbs use more power they are still 99% more efficient than the 7 watt incandescent C9 bulbs.

The C9 bulb style is not designed for LED.  Generally speaking, bulb size has nothing to do with brightmess in LED holiday lighting.  In fact, some of our smallest bulbs are actually our brightest.  A C9 incandescent bulb is large because it needed to house a larger filament to produce more light.  The LED C9 has a large bulb just to look like an incandescent C9--the bulb has no other purpose.  In fact, it is a very inefficient design for LED and that is why we have to use 5 LEDs in the replacement bulbs to make them as bright as incandescent C9s.

If you are looking for an LED C9 that is equal in brightness to your old incandescent C9s you should purchase the retrofit bulbs.  The retrofit bulbs can be used with your existing C9 socket wire.

Generally speaking, LED Christmas lights are safer than incandescent holiday lights.  The primary cause of Christmas light related injuries and property damage is fire.  While some of the old style C7 and C9 bulbs can produce enough heat to ignite a very dry Christmas tree or other combustible material, the primary cause of Christmas light related fires is overloaded electrical circuits.  Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) has set the safety standard for Christmas lights at a total of 216 watts per standard household outlet.  LEDs are safer because they consume so little power it is very difficult to overload a circuit.  For example, a household circuit can be overloaded with as few as 5 sets of incandescent Christmas lights.  It would take about 40 of the same type of LED lights to overload a circuit.  While one can easily put more than 5 sets of lights on an indoor Christmas tree it is very unlikely that anyone would be able to put 40 or more LED sets on a typical indoor Christmas tree.  While you would really have to try hard to overload a circuit with LED Christmas lights, you still have to be cautious about electrical fires and be aware of what other devices might be running on the same circuit.  It is still best practice to unplug the lights or use a Christmas light timer to turn the lights off when you go to bed or are not home.

LEDs are also safer because they produce very little heat.  The average LED bulb operates at just 1 degree above ambient temperature and are cool to the touch.  A C7 or C9 incandescent Christmas light bulb is hot enough to burn skin and ignite highly combustible materials.  Even incandescent mini lights can produce enough heat to be dangerous.  While heat is not the most common cause of Christmas light related fires it is still a real risk and LEDs are much safer in this respect as well.

Finally, LEDs are safer especially for homes with small children and pets.  This is for two reasons.  First, because the bulbs are cool to the touch they will not burn the hands of curious children.  Second, because LED bulbs are make of shatter proof epoxy plastic and not glass there is not risk of children or animals cutting themselves or hurting them selves by chewing on broken glass.

The majority of the LED Christmas lights we sell do not have removable or replaceable Christmas light bulbs. One of the great advantages of LED bulbs, is that they will last for a very long time and should not need replacing. With a few exceptions, we have found that the benefit of having a sealed (one-piece) bulb and socket assembly for weather proofing purposes, outweighs the value of having a replaceable bulb. However, we do offer one product line with removable and replaceable LED Christmas light bulbs.  Our Color-Rite line of LED Christmas lights have bulbs which can be removed, replaced, and interchanged with other LED bulbs (of the same style) from the same product line. These bulbs are removable to allow the installer the flexibility to create custom colored light sets--not because the bulbs are likely to burn out and need replacement.

We do not sell 220 volt LED Christmas lights.  All of our Christmas lights, excluding our battery Christmas lights operate on standard U.S. 120 volt power.  You may be able to use our Christmas lights with a 220 volt power source with an appropriate adapter.

We do not sell 24 volt LED Christmas lights.  All of our LED Christmas lights are wired for standard 120 volt U.S. power outlets.  However, our 120 volt Christmas lights should work on a 24 volt power source with an appropriate power inverter.

Our twinkling Christmas lights or LED twinkle lights are a set of 50 lights.  Each 50 light set has 40 steady burn Christmas lights which do not twinkle and 10 twinkling Christmas light bulbs.  The twinkle bulbs are placed every fourth bulb and twinkle on and off randomly.  It creates a steady twinkling effect but it does not blink.

We are always happy to assist you to make changes or additions to your order.  If you recently placed and order and would like to change it, please call us at 866.492.4330 or email as soon as possible.  Because we ship most orders the same day we may not be able to change your order before it ships if you do not contact us before 4 p.m. EST.  If your order has already shipped we will assist you in making the appropriate exchanges or placement of an additional order. is pleased to announce the launch of our newly added wholesale section, offering quantity discounts for items purchased by the full case. Please visit our Wholesale Section

You can recycle your old Christmas lights at  Anyone who participates in our Christmas light recycling program will receive a coupon good for 15% off at Some exclusions apply.  For more information about our recycling program please visit our Christmas light recycling program page.

LED Christmas lights are used and installed just like standard incandescent Christmas lights.  The operate off standard 110v household power outlets and have a male plug at one end and a female plug at the other end.  The primary difference is that LED Christmas lights use light emitting diodes or LEDs to produce the lights while standard Christmas lights use incandescent lamps.  LED Christmas lights are up to 99% more efficient, last up to 50,000 hours, are extremely durable, and create very little heat.

Our products are currently available only through our online store.

In most cases, all orders which are placed before 3 p.m. EST ship on the day the order is placed.  Orders placed after 3 p.m. EST or on the weekend will either ship same day or the next business day.  You will receive and email with tracking information when your order is shipped.  If you have a question about your order or need your ordered expedited please contact us at 866.492.4330.

99% of all orders placed at ship from our warehouse in Wisconsin.  Our standard shipping method is UPS  or FedEx ground although we ship via USPS priority mail to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, APO addresses and some U.S. addresses for smaller orders.  To determine the approximate shipping time to your location please see our shipping information page.

What does “Made in the USA” really mean?

“Made in the USA” means different things to different people or companies using the phrase. Some companies mean that all parts are from U.S. suppliers and all steps of manufacturing are done in the United States. Regrettably, others will claim to have “Made in the USA” products, but mean that they obtain the components from China (or a foreign source) and then assemble one part (or just add one screw) in the U.S. In terms of Christmas lights, there are currently no manufacturers making Christmas lights in the U.S. and obtaining all parts from American companies. If you find a company that claims that their lights are “Made in the USA,” be careful to ensure that this is true for all components and all stages of the manufacturing process. See our previous article for more information on this.

Even though Christmas lights were invented and manufactured in the United States in the 1920s, that changed in the late 1960s when American manufacturers began losing business to foreign competitors who could make the lights for less money. Americans, at that point, simply wanted to purchase the products for the cheapest possible price. Manufacturing Christmas lights involves many processes that simply have to be done manually and cannot be automated. So, countries that had cheap manual labor began to dominate the market and eventually American manufacturers went out of business.

High Quality Christmas Lights are Being Made in China

Let’s look first at what most consumers mean when they’re talking about quality Christmas lights. Typically, they want to know that the lights will last, that the lights are easy to maintain, that the lights that won’t break soon and be piling up in our landfills, that the lights are safe, and that the lights are from suppliers with excellent work conditions.

Consumers wanting quality lights will need to shop places other than the local discount store. LED Christmas lights win out over incandescents for durability, safety, energy efficiency, and long term cost effectiveness. Check out these stats.

Lights with UL certification from the Underwriters Laboratories should be sought. This certification will ensure that the product itself, and the systems to manufacture it, had to meet specific standards in “performance, environmental health and sustainability.” Underwriter’s Laboratory is the primary safety standards body in the U.S. for consumer electronics certification. This certification means that you don’t have to worry about hazardous, toxic chemicals or unsafe products with UL certified lights. All premium grade lights by Holiday LED are UL certified.

Another certification is even more stringent than UL—CSA Certification. Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certification on Christmas lights will ensure a level of durability and product quality that surpasses lights in stores and most lights sold by retailers. This certification means that the products are tested, and that specific standards are developed by CSA for those products. For Christmas lights to pass the CSA certification, they must be of a higher quality than those in stores and passing other certification tests. CSA testing is done in colder, harsher climates and a heavier gauge wire is required to pass. All of Holiday LEDs commercial grade, professional grade and retrofit bulbs are CSA certified.

Components in Holiday LED bulbs should also be RoHS compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)—showing that they have been tested and are either free of or meet strict safety standards for levels of lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diaphenyl.

Look for Christmas lights that have earned the Energy Star. The presence of the Energy Star on appliances, electronics, light bulbs and products means that the products have been independently tested and have met strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. It also means a superior product. Energy Star Certified Christmas lights last longer, have exceptional performance, and reduce costs of utility bills.
Lights Out for our Landfills

Recycling programs are available for lights that are old or faulty. Companies that have concern for environmental issues will see that the products sent are of a high quality and not ready for the landfill after a short use. They will also offer recycling programs for any of your previous lights, no matter where you bought them.

Excellence in Work Conditions

When searching for options for quality LED Christmas lights, look for retailers whose suppliers have exemplary work conditions. These suppliers have willingly gone through an extensive process to demonstrate a positive work environment and work relationships. They meet FLA compliance.

The Fair Labor Association (FLA) is considered the most advanced international labor compliance program. Companies must demonstrate, over a two to three year period (with performance reviews thereafter), their compliance to FLA’s Workplace Code of Conduct throughout all stages in their supply chain. The Code of Conduct prohibits any unhealthy labor situations, and values mutual respect in the employment relationship.

Holiday LEDs purchases only from suppliers that have met the highest standards for compliance with the FLA. But it goes beyond mere compliance. Frankly, we have wonderful relationships with our suppliers in China, built through the years on friendship and mutual trust.

What does this mean for your Christmas?

It means that while you can’t buy Christmas lights Made in the USA, you can buy quality Christmas lights from a U.S. company with the highest quality suppliers in China. It means a picture perfect tree—without the frustration of dealing with faulty strands that won’t always work.

Consider buying lights from a source you can trust. See our options for LED Christmas lights for your holiday. Contact us with questions about our products or company.

Order your supply today.

Pure white and warm white are basically two different shades of white light.  Warm white is similar in color and appearance to incandescent clear or white while pure white is a whiter white that is closer in color to a cool white fluorescent lamp. For those who are familiar with color temperature, our warm white is approximately 3800lm while the pure white is approximately 5500lm.  For those who are not familiar with color temperature, color temperature is a scale that is used to determine color temperature.  Higher color temperatures are closer to the blue end of the spectrum while lower color temperatures are closer to the red end of the color spectrum.

Our warm white Christmas lights are softer, warmer, and are good for those looking for a traditional look.  Pure white is more vibrant, striking, and vivid and is great for outdoor displays or as an accent to warm colors.

Yes we do.  We are often asked if we have "clear" Christmas lights.  The short answer is yes, but in order to help you find exactly what you are looking for this answer requires further explanation.  Incandescent Christmas lights that are not colored or are white have a clear bulb.  This is the color that most people are referring to when they ask for "clear" Christmas lights.  Unlike incandescent Christmas lights, LED Christmas lights are available in more than one shade of white.  This can be confusing to shoppers because the lens color of all shades of white colored LED Christmas lights is clear.  If you are looking for a white Christmas light that matches incandescent clear you should select a warm white LED Christmas light.

With the exception of some of our battery operated Christmas lights, all of our LED Christmas lights are designed for seasonal indoor/or outdoor use.  Our commercial grade Christmas lights are a better choice for long term installations and installations where after installation trouble-shooting is difficult (such as in large trees or high buildings where lifts may be required.)  If the light sets are going to be used to wrap outdoor trees a smaller bulb style such as the wide angle or Christmas mini light are a better choice.

How many Christmas Lights do I need to decorate my tree?

This is probably one of the most common questions we receive during the holiday season. The question is difficult to answer, because the answer depends a lot on personal preference. However, you can make a fairly reliable estimate based on the size of your tree. Use the chart below to determine the number of lights needed based on the size and shape of your tree.

Tree HeightM5, G12, 5MM, or C6 Bulb ShapesC7 or C9 Bulb Shapes
2' – 3' Full 140 - 280 50 - 150
4' – 5' Full 280 - 420 150 - 225
6' – 7' Slender 210 - 350 150 - 225
6' – 7' Full 420 - 630 225 – 325
8' – 9' Slender 350 - 490 225 – 325
8' – 9' Full 560 - 840 325 – 425
10' – 11' Slender 490 - 630 325 – 450
10' – 11' Full 700 - 1050 425 – 550
12' – 14' Slender 630 - 770 450 – 600
12' – 14' Full 840 - 1400 550 – 675
15' – 17' Full 1050 - 1610 675 – 800
18' – 20' Full 1260 - 1890 800 – 950

Lighting Tips

  • A standard rule is one set of lights per foot of tree height (6’ tall tree = 6 sets of lights). Slim line trees, usually require one set of lights per 1’-2’ of tree height
  • Have an extension cord handy to plug the lights into – always make sure to test the lights prior to using them
  • Always have the lights plugged in while you work
  • To light the tree, work from the bottom of the tree upward. Continue to move around the tree as you light
  • Start by lighting the inside of the tree near the center trunk. Wrap the lights around the branches and work your way out and back again as you move up the tree
  • Wrapping the lights around the branches helps keep wires hidden – this gives you a professional and clean looking finished product
  • If you have end-to-end lights, you can add more sets by plugging them into each other. Or, an extra extension cord may be necessary to plug lights into as you work toward the top of the tree.
  • Need to add more lights but don’t have an end of a set (female plug) to plug into? You can plug additional sets into the female plug on the backside of the male plug, to add additional lights where you need them.

    Decorating Tips

  • To create a perfect sense of balance, place smaller ornaments at the top of the tree, and position larger ornaments near the middle and bottom of the tree.
  • As you start to build your theme, create a focal point either at the top or the bottom of the tree
  • Carry the theme through, with appropriate decorative garland or ribbon
  • Place props in the tree to enhance or reinforce the product and theme

Our Rope Light is sold in 150 ft. spools.  It has a plug attached and is UL Approved.  If the Rope Light is custom cut by a customer it is no longer UL Approved.

All of our Christmas lights are wired for U.S. standard 110 power.

Our standard grade LED Christmas lights (the majority of our products) do not require a power adapter.  The light strings plug in and operate just like standard incandescent Christmas lights.   Our Commercial co-axially connected Christmas Lights, do require a power adapter.

There are a few principle differences between our commercial grade LED Christmas lights and our standard grade Christmas lights.

1.  Our commercial Christmas lights use an 20 gauge wire which is thicker and more durable than the 22 gauge wire used by the standard grade light strings.

2.  The commercial light sets utilize threaded, coaxial compression fitting connectors.  These connectors help prevent moisture infiltration and make it nearly impossible for strings to become disconnected.  This is good for installations or applications where it might be very difficult to reconnect light sets if they are loose or become disconnected.

3.  The commercial Christmas lights require a power adapter that plugs into the coaxial connector which, in turn, plugs into a standard plug.

4.  Our commercial Christmas lights can be used with a number of our connector accessories that make large and complex installations easier.

The commercial led Christmas lights are a good choice for large outdoor installations where light sets will be exposed to extreme weather conditions and where installation locations are difficult to reach.

LED Christmas lights are available in two types: rectified and non-rectified.  Non-rectified LED string light sets flicker or turn on and off at the rate of 60 times per second.  Although this is very fast it is detectable by the human eye.  The flickering or strobing effect is especially pronounced when the lights or the person viewing the lights is in motion.  With the exception of some of our novelty Christmas lights, all of our LED Christmas lights are fully rectified, full wave and flicker free.

All returns must be pre-approved by

All return items must be returned within 15 days of shipment date.

All return items require a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) requested through the website or by e-mail.  We will not process any return with an RMA.

All returned items must be in new or unused condition and in the original packaging.  Returned items that appear to have been used or without their original packaging will not be refunded.  Test your lights before unpacking them.

All shipping charges associated with the return, except manufacturer defect, are the responsibility of the customer.

No returns will be accepted after December 21st even if it is within the 15 days of purchase.

Any product returned, except for manufacturer defect is subject to a 15% restocking fee.

The lights you are purchasing are among the best in the industry.  All are either UL or CSA/US approved for temporary installation and are warranted against manufacturer defect for 90 days.

If an item is defective contact us immediately through our website or by e-mail.  Please keep your receipts and manufacturer warranty information.  In some cases you may be required to request the warranty directly from the manufacturer.

We may offer some of our products at Closeout Pricing.  These discount purchases are final and may not be returned unless defective.

Underwriter's Laboratory or UL recently adopted a new standard for the end to end connection of LED Christmas lights.  The new standard allows for the end to end connection of up to 216 total watts on one 15 amp circuit.  The change of the standard from using the number of strings for the unit of measure to total watts is much more sensible since LED Christmas lights use much less energy than standard incandescent Christmas lights.  We indicate on each of our product pages the estimated end to end connectability of each of our light strings.

No.  Our pre-lamped LED Christmas light strings cannot be cut to length.  If the light set is cut it will not work and all warranties will be void.  If you need to cut the strings to custom lengths you should consider our LED replacement bulbs and bulk wire.

Yes, if one light goes out the rest will stay lit.  With our 1 piece construction light sets no further explanation is required.  However, with our Color-Rite line of lights, the entire set will not go out if one bulb fails or even if a bulb is removed from the socket.

All of our LED Christmas light products are designed to eliminate the age-old and frustrating hunt for the mysterious dead bulb on the light string that causes the entire set to go out.  As a practical matter, LED lights really don't burn out in the same manner that incandescent lights do.  Incandescent lights "burn out" because the filament eventually burns up.  LED Christmas lights have no filament to burn out.  However, LED lights will start to experience a drop in lumen output or brightness after 50,000 hours or so.

Yes! loves Canadians. We ship 100s of orders to Canada every year and will gladly ship to you.  For orders shipped to Canada we use USPS priority mail or FedEx ground shipping.  Additional shipping options may be available. Custom duties and tax fees are not included in shipping cost.

When you create an order through our website you will receive two emails: 1) an order verification email; and 2) a user account email.  The order confirmation email will contain information about your order.  The user account email will contain your user name and password.  To view the status of your order login to your account at the URL provided in the email.  You will be prompted to change your password the first time you login.  Once you've logged in you will be able to view the status of your orders.  

Once your order has been received and confirmed we will change the status to "Picking."  This means that the order has been accepted and sent to our shipping department for immediate shipping.  Once the order has been shipped the order status will be changed to "Shipped."  At this point your order has been shipped by our shipping department.  At this stage you should receive an email from UPS with your tracking number.  We will also add the UPS tracking number to the order comments. See this page for information on order tracking.  You will receive an email each time the status of your order changes.

If you have trouble logging into your account please try using a different web browser.  We occasionally experience problems with certain browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer 6.)  If you still have trouble in a different browser please contact us.

Most people find that the LED lights are more brilliant than their old incandescent lights, but the color and overall appearance is generally very similar to standard incandescent string lights.

The cost of LED string lighting varies from color to color because different semi-conductor materials are used to create the different colors. Some semi-conductor materials cost more than others and the cost to manufacture the product varies depending on the type of semi-conductor used. White LEDs are the most expensive because red, green, and blue are combined together to make a white LED.

  1. Added safety. Lamps always remain cool to the touch. Because holiday lighting is often used in close proximately to combustible materials (dry evergreen trees) this feature can greatly reduce the risk of holiday fires.
  2. Solid-state reliability. No longer will you have to worry about one lamp ruining your whole string.
  3. Longevity.  LED lamps are rated for 50,000 hours of use or more while standard incandescent lights typically last for only 2,000 hours.
  4. No glass bulbs to break. LED lights are encased in a nearly indestructible epoxy casing
  5. No filaments to burn out. Unlike incandescent bulbs there is not filament to burn out so they last much longer and won't be damaged or ruined if you drop them or step on them.
  6. Extreme energy efficiency.Uses only 10% of the electricity required to power traditional incandescent. For a typical household this will mean a cost savings of $20.00 or more during the standard 30 day holiday season.
  7. Nearly indestructible, solid epoxy lenses. High-quality LED lights can withstand the force of a tractor trailer without breaking.
  8. Rust proof, Zinc-coated lamp contacts. The lamp components will not rust when used outdoors or in moist environments.
  9. Uses standard house current (120 VAC, 60 Hz). No need for an electrician or expensive power converters.
  10. No transformer required. Allows for simple installation and use.

Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs are now considered "the greatest invention in lighting since Edison's light bulb in 1879."

LEDs are constructed from tiny solid-state chips similar to those used in computers. These chips directly convert electricity to light without the use of a filament or glass bulb. (Standard incandescent bulbs create light by transmitting electricity through a resistant filament which creates heat. A bi-product of the heat created is light.) LED lights encapsulate solid-state chips in solid (and nearly indestructible) epoxy plastic that can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes.

HolidayLEDs encourages and promotes environmentally-friendly practices.  We also practice what we preach.  We've implemented the following policies to help limit the impact our office has on our environment:

1.  Efficient Lighting.  We minimize the use of electric lighting by utilizing natural light when we can.  We have also replaced all of our incandescent lights with energy-efficient LED or fluorescent lighting.

2.  We Turn Things Off.  We turn our computers and all other electronic devices off at night and at other times when we are not using them.

3.  We Try Not to Print.  We try to minimize the number of documents that we print on paper.  For the most part all of our inter-office communications and documents are electronic.

4.  We Use Refurbished Office Equipment.  We do not have any new office equipment.  All of our chairs, desks, and cabinets are refurbished.

5.  We Recycle.  If we can't reuse it, we recycle it.  We recycle our paper, glass, cans, bottles and anything else can be recycled.

Yes. All Christmas lights contain lead.

Many people are alarmed about new lead warning labels that are showing up on certain electronic devices including holiday lights.  These warning labels can be found on many common household electronic devices and are alarming to people because it is a new label and warns that the product contains lead.  With recent recalls of children's toys manufactured in China which were found to contain lead most consumers have cause to be concerned.  However, the new warning label does require some explanation.

The warning labels are the result of lead being added to a list of toxic materials that require disclosure pursuant to California's Proposition 65.  This law requires all products sold in the State of California that contain any amount of a listed toxic material to contain a warning label.

One product that is now required to bear the warning label is holiday lights.  Most all Christmas lights contain some amount of lead.  In fact, they always have contained some amount of lead but no one was aware of it until California law required its disclosure.  The lead in holiday string lights is used as an additive to the Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) wire covering.  The lead acts as a heat resistant insulator and is also used to help stabilize the coloring of the wire.  All PVC contains some sort of metal stabilizer including lead, cadmium or tin.  Christmas lights have contained lead since they have used PVC as an insulating coating and pose no danger with normal use.  Lead containing PVC is used in many common household applications including the PVC piping used to deliver our drinking water, other electrical cords which are insulated with PVC, and even car keys.

The warning does not mean the lights are not safe for their intended use.  In fact, the U.S. government has determined that they are safe when properly used.  However, because the lights contain some lead it is wise to follow some simple rules to limit the risk of exposure:

1. Do not allow children to handle the lights.
2. Always wash hands thoroughly after handling the lights.
3. Make sure curious toddlers are kept away from the lights and other items that may contain lead.,0,3609503.story

LED string lights contain a tiny fuse which is built into the string. Because incandescent lights draw so much more power than LED strings it is likely that the incandescent lights will blow the fuse in the LED string. We do not recommend that you use your LED strings with old incandescent strings for this reason.