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Color Changing Remote Controllable Lights

Color Changing Remote Controllable Lights

We’re excited to offer color changing Christmas lights with a remote! Color changing replacement bulbs are available in C7C9S14 and G50, to suit all of your decorating needs. These bulbs require a color changing LED Christmas lights controller to operate (sold separately). Power controllers are available for the C7C9 and S14/G50 bulbs.   

Take total control over your lighting display with the remote (included with the power controller). With the push of a button you can choose from a selection of pre-programmed color changing RGB LED effects and colors. No more climbing to change light strings for the season. Easily change the color or effect with the remote to match the season, holiday or event. 

You can use your existing light strings or start fresh and create custom RGB LED color-changing light strings with C7C9 or E26 socket wire stringers. HolidayLEDs has all the accessories you need to make the season shine! 

If you already have a near-perfect lighting display, adding RGB LED string lights can add that missing pop of color and effect. Create stunning displays, all controlled from the palm of your hand and the push of a button, all while saving you time and money thanks to the power of LED technology. 

What size Color Changing Bulb do I need? 

If you are looking for a unique way to outline a building, deck out a tree or line a roof or eaves, C7 or C9 color changing string lights are the best choice.  

Have a patio, deck or porch that needs lighting with fabulous color and effects? S14 or G50 color changing bulbs