Warm White LED Chasing Rain Curtain

  • Total length10'
  • Count560 bulbs
  • Wire ColorWhite
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About This Product

Warm White LED Chasing Rain Curtain Lights with Speed Control 

  • Create Rain and Waterfall effects
  • Hang in windows or on focal point walls
  • Weight the bottom to create really straight lines
  • Wrap festive ornaments at the end to provide more visual effects
  • Wrap interior tree branches to create an upward motion followed by the popular dripping or snowfall effects
  • Combine with translucent material to multiply the effect and create elegance.
  • The possibilities are endless.

Warm White LED Chasing Rain Curtain Lights with Speed Control Product Specs:

  • 56 LED's per Drop
  • Color: Warm White
  • Total number of LEDs - 560
  • Total number of drops - 10
  • Length of each drop - 10 feet
  • Overall Width - 10 feet
  • 120 VAC, 24 Watts
  • 5 Speeds with Memory
  • 8 channels
  • IP44 - Suitable for Outdoor Use

Product Details

  • SKU: C05156
  • Bulb Color Warm White
  • Bulb Count 560
  • Installation Location Indoor/Outdoor
  • UL or CSA-US Approved Yes
  • Current 120 VAC, 24 Watts"
  • ROHS Compliant Yes
  • Waterproof Yes
  • Wire Color White
  • Bulb Spacing 4"
  • Set Length 10'
  • Wire Lead/Tail 6" Lead / 6" Tail
  • Wire Type #18 Gauge
  • Set Connections Threaded Coaxial
  • Dimmable No
  • Product Type Strings
  • Product Type Icicle
  • Occasion Wedding Lights
  • Occasion Christmas Lights
  • Wattage 24

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  • 3 Stars 3
    Very good lights, but vulnerable to water

    Posted by David Martin on Nov 19th 2021

    We seem to have lost one string to water infiltration of the plug, which includes a tiny fuse box. The lid needs to be sealed or placed in a waterproof container, or whatever.

    The light strings, with chase speed set with a push button, appear very sturdy and from our experience will last for years. They've made an effective fountain and waterfall.

  • 5 Stars 5
    Warm white chasing rain curtain

    Posted by David Martin on Oct 11th 2021

    A local botanical garden had 3 strings that appear identical, except for being daylight rather than warm white. We discovered today that one string had failed after six years of service (it'll be tested again). Two new sets from Holiday LEDs had been used in this year's waterfall and two old and one new are now showering down a tall hedge. Along with waterfalls, the garden has a locally-built circular steel fountain that has worked spectacularly with these lights. They're providing plenty of entertainment at relatively low cost and good durability.