No Glow Black-Out Cap for M5 Mini LEDS

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About This Product

Are you a serious holiday decorator? Are you tired of looking at the lights lit between your bushes, trees, gutters/eaves, or windows?  Well, this is the product for you!

No Glow M5 black-out caps will install onto your existing light strand in seconds, and will solve all of these problems for you. Simply place the "black out cap" over the M5 bulbs that you DO NOT want to see. They are easy to install, and are reusable - If you want to remove the "Cap" and place it on another bulb, simply pull the cap off the current light and push onto another one. These caps will fit the Premium Grade or Commercial Grade M5 LED string light bulbs.

Make your display as professional and clean as possible, with our NEW "No Glow M5 “Black-Out Cap".

No Glow Caps are sold individually!

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  • SKU: NG-M5
  • Installation Location Indoor/Outdoor
  • Product Type Black-Out Caps